Pure: People & places

Our journey through Asia has kindled an increasing fascination with photography.

So much so, I have embarked on a project. Portraits of people and place, plain and simple.

The pictures aren’t necessarily typical head and shoulders. The mugshot. They go beyond and attempt to capture the essence of the person and place in which they live.

Unplanned. Unposed. Unprocessed. I don’t know who I will shoot. I don’t ask them to pose. I don’t edit the pictures. I capture people and places raw and pure.

Well, that is the intent. Enjoy.

A passing shadow, Hong Kong [50mm, 1/4000 @ f4, ISO 400]

I saw 2 men sweating in the midday heat as they secured their scaffolding. I quickly turn my camera skyward before being pushed along by the crowds of people trampling along the pavement. Not the best settings, but I managed this shot, and just caught his wave at the lens.

His happy place, Hong Kong [18mm, 109″ @ f22, ISO 100]

I walked past this guy in Central, Hong Kong. I took some other shots and then wandered back. He was still there. The light and shadows, the spiral of the stairs, and the fact he had sat here for more than half an hour grabbed me. I love the way the warm glow embraces him – like a blanket.

Sisyphus, Hong Kong [35mm, 1/80 @ f4, ISO 800]

The driver of the Peak tram. His entire shift spent driving the train up and down the hill. Arriving at one end, walking through the train to the other ‘cockpit’, and doing it all over again. Up and down. Up and down. On and on. Is there a better example of a Sisyphean task?

Hard at work, Hong Kong [35mm, 1/80 @ f6.3, ISO 400]

These two were taking a well earned rest on a hot day. Both were asleep until a loud bang woke one of them – just as I was lining up the shot. He didn’t mind. A cheeky smile, whilst his companion snoozed away.

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