That’s all folks!

So the day I thought – or maybe it was just hoped – would never come, has come. So it is that these few meagre words constitute the final post of AsiaAndBackAgain.

It is a scary thought, made more scary by the fact I don’t really know what to say. After 16 months travelling I should have poignant, insightful words, right? Well, I can’t promise that, but I know you, my loyal reader will not rebuke me for it. I can at least promise you heartfelt words.

Our days of adventure through Asia are certainly over. I know this as I write on a sun drenched beach w the backdrop of a scintillating sea cast from a golden sky. Relaxed.
This is the only way I can see to end a journey as epic as ours has felt. A journey summed up like this:

– 1 dream
– 2 people
– 13 countries
– 474 days
– Hundreds of new friends
– More pennies then sense… spent!
– Countless memories

To try and capture what we have seen, experienced; how we have felt, changed feels an impossibility right now. It still hasn’t sunk in that we have done it, let alone that it is now coming to an end.

To say that it has been one of the best experiences in our lives would be an understatement. There is no sense of regret; no ’maybe we shouldn’t have done it’, ’maybe we should have waited for a better time’; ’what about our careers’?

It has been a unforgettable, life-changing experience.

All I can say is, ’take the chance, take the risk, experience it for yourself’… I would be shocked if you would have even a shed of regret.

Who knows what your adventure might hold?

Will you dive deep, dark waters with sharks and manta rays?
Will you take a motorbike and ride through the towering mountains of North Vietnam, to reach out to touch the green lands of Yunnan?
Will you journey miles into dark, dank caves only to find yourself bathed in sunlight whilst still beneath a roof of stone?
Will you fly across verdant rainforests and spend the evenings far above the canopy in the best treehouse ever built?
Will you climb active volcanoes for a chance to see a sunrise without equal?
Will you trek for weeks on end, getting lost in snow drifts that can bury you, braving winter winds, frostbite and a little lack of oxygen?
Will you find that perfect white sand beach, complete with emerald water and lush green forest?
Will you paint yourself the colours of the rainbow as you duck and dive through the pink city?
Will you stride along the stone backbone of China, watching out for the Mongol hordes?
Will you listen to the zip and growl of Formula One at one of the most iconic racetracks in the world?

Will you make new friends from every continent (bar the really cold one!) in the world?
Will you loose all the shackles from your life and really live everyday without boundaries, with only you to choose what to do?
Will you…

Who knows what you will do. If this blog and my few words – this drop in the ocean that is the blogosphere – has inspired even one person to take a leap, grab a backpack and see more of this amazing planet then I will count my scribbles a success.

In fact, I guess that means all that is left to do is say a massive THANK YOU to everyone we met on the road for making our journey so special, memorable and one-of-a-kind.

And to say an EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to everyone back home, friends and especially family, for all the support before leaving and during our adventure. Without it we’d never have gone.

And now… Well. Now. I need to say farewell and go back to work. To:

Place coins in the coffers.
Put wealth in our wallets.
Sprinkle pounds in our pockets.

… And then.

Who knows! 😉

3 responses to “That’s all folks!

  1. Epic effort guys! Great experiences with photos to match, it has been a buzz following your blog. Now that you have the bug, when will it stop calling you back? My bet is on never! There is only one thing left to do you didn’t mention…. Trim the travel beard!

  2. I’ve just about got the sniffles under control! 😉 *sniff*

    Matt, thanks for your comment; all I can say is I am so pleased you enjoyed it. The bug is definitely implanted. But seriously, I don’t know what you mean about the beard… it’s a permanent feature! 🙂

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