Ciao China

So the time is here. The time when we turn our back and say farewell to China. Three months of our time travelling has been spent in this fascinating and infuriating country.

Yet, despite all its foibles – and unfortunately it has quite a few – I can’t help but feel sad at our departure. It has become like home. We know where we are, what the people are like, how we do things, what works, what doesn’t… And there is still so much more of this country we want to see.

But I guess, this is the way it should. Leave always wanting more (… That sentiment might reappear in a few months time when we have to catch our flight home!)

Our final days milling around Kunming have really just been to soak up the last few thoughts, feelings, senses of a country that has been such a big part of our journey. No agenda. No pictures. Not really anything to write about. Just cementing a sense of place in our own minds.

And with those thoughts still lingering in mind – our plane long since departed from the Tarmac of Chinese territory – I glance out the window.

Down below roiling clouds crash against rolling hills. Ahead, deep blue skies turn amber with the setting sun. And in between the two?

The most magnificent of mountains I’ve ever seen. As straight as an arrow they split the sky. Leaning forward in my seat and staring to the back of the plane the mountains continue past even the wide vista I can see. Forcing myself back into my seat. The same thing. We are nearly there. The Himalayas are guiding us in.

With each passing moment the snow capped peaks are turning golden. They glance down at the insignificant cloud line far below the. They glance across at birds in flight and the lumbering mechanical birds as well. Nothing can touch, nothing can worry, nothing is of concern to these kingly peaks.

Sadly my camera is beyond my grasp. The stained window would not do justice to the sight before my eyes anyway (…you’ll just have to wait)!

My palms are sweaty with excitement. My feet are itching to get walking. My fingers playing with an imaginary camera. My mind racing with the possibilities.

Hmm. Seems I’m not too sad after all.

Bring it on! 😉

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