While the sun shines…


Sorry for being absent for a while dear readers. It is partly the fault of no Internet connection and long train journeys and, I confess, partly laziness / being too busy / forgetful (just pick one!)

After parting from the bubble of a world in Yongping we boarded the first of two back-to-back night trains. I can’t remember much about this journey so it can’t have been too bad, except for arriving in Shenzhen.

The train stopped at a provincial little station at about 4am in the morning; miles, and many pennies, taxi ride away from the main station.

Being poor travellers we snubbed the taxi drivers and sat indignantly (and a little cold) until the buses started running.

One long bus journey later we were purchasing our ongoing train journey… No hard sleeper tickets left and so had to fork out for a soft sleeper! The money we saved on the taxi (hardly) helped cover the cost! Oh well.

The rest of the day was spent gorging on food, provided and paid for by Joyce’s parents who had hopped over the border to see us. It was a simple, yet splendid, day.

With more of a shuffle then a step – due to be loaded with not only bag but full bellies as well – we were waving goodbye and boarding the train. Night 2 on the move. This time in more plush, and quieter, surroundings.

As is normal the journey was not over on leaving the train the next morning. Another bus and lots of walking and then we were finally at our destination! Yangshuo.

The area is probably one of the most famous and visited in China, bar the Great Wall, Beijing and Shanghai.
A maze of limestone walls pierce the landscape and the sky, whilst the Li river meanders peacefully below… Well, peacefully bar the stream of cruise boats that line up along its course.

We kept ourselves so busy over the 5 days we were there – in unusually sunny, blue sky, weather – that my camera actually hibernated quite a bit…

… as I scaled limestone cliffs (it was good to climb again, it’s been too long) and…

… rode more kilometres than I think I have ever rode in one day.

But, of course, my camera managed to find its way into my hands when my hands weren’t grasping handle bars (or cold hard rock).

So here’s the snapshots:

Moon hill.
Cormorant fishing.
Li river cruise.
Mountain top sunset.
Now. Once more on the move.

Till next time. More pictures. Better words. Promise!

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