Tiptoeing through tea

After a rather bedraggled boot off the train, in the ’wee’ hours of the morning, what followed was a staccato of action rather than a fluid motion through the unfolding hours.

A stumble through the streets. Vain attempts to pull open barred hotel doors.
An unlocked hotel. A sleeping owner…

… Finally a room. A rather sorry state of a room, but honestly, we didn’t care. Too tired.

Breakfast. Piping hot oodles of ~ slippery ~ noodles. Slurped up with no care for manners or etiquette. Honestly, we didn’t care. Too hungry.

Then to find a hostel on the outskirts of Wuyi Shan park. As normal. Not straightforward. This bus. That bus. Walk here. Go this way. Backpack digging in. Why did we come here? …

… Oh, we’re here. Its beautiful. And once more. All is okay!
We had grand plans of hiking throughout the park as well as seeing sunrise and sunset from glorious mountain tops (but turns out we couldn’t as park is closed at those times!).

Anyway, as fate would have it… We were pooped! So tired from too many early mornings, too many hikes and just having too much fun! So?

We did nothing.

We caught up on the necessities of life. A clean wardrobe for instance.

And getting stuck in to some good books!

But we managed some strolls (and rather unintended vertical hikes)…

… Through dark caves with rather unsteady switchback stairs wedged into rock crevices; a wobble the wrong way spelling instance doom…
… Across maze-like walkways hovering over crystal clear waters and moss strewn boulders…
… In-between sandstone gorges alive with a crescendo of weather-beaten colour…
… And mainly just through tons and tons of tea. Tea was everywhere. From the shops on the streets, with tea leaves literally spilling out of doorways. To tea rooms full of low rise tables and kneeling guests. To the mountains and valleys where tea bushel after tea bushel hide the mountain soil; the mountain rock.
We’re guessing the tea is pretty famous in these parts. But, guess what… We were just too tired to find out.

Before we had fully recovered and recuperated we were on the move once more…

Standing on a platform awaiting just another night train…

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