Shanghai. Sunlight and shadows

Shanghai. Perhaps not the capital of China but certainly its financial heart and a must-go-to place when your feet land on these shores.

There is so much to do in Shanghai that its a challenge to decide where to start. It is a city with everything.

Authenticity. If you look for it.
Westernisation on overdrive. Everywhere.
Museums. In bucket loads.
Nightlife. ’This way, sir’…

And so we bounced around, with new friends and old; soaked up the city and ate it out of dumplings! But frankly, words are failing me, they are spluttering onto this blank page rather than tumbling out and so… I reckon a photo montage will adequately take the place of my ramblings this time.

From an ablaze Bund, aglow with all that is fluorescent, tungsten and a multitude of other light sources to the financial district… Same state of affairs staring right back…
From ancient artefacts trapped behind shields of glass to Propaganda museums that reach out and touch your heart…
From one dumpling to another…
Shopping. Shopping. Well, window shopping (in fancy places)…
From photography exhibits to acrobatic shows to the M50 and graffiti ridden art studios…
And then back to the Bund… One last time.

Sunrise. And my defining shot of the city. A picture that encapsulates what Shanghai is and what it is striving to be.
A beacon. A shining light for China.

Where the money, the wealth and the image of China resides in those that live beyond its borders.

But it is not the real China. The discrepancy of rich and poor is more evident in Shanghai than anywhere else I have yet been in China. The poor work hard on the streets to make ends meat, whilst on the same pavements and along the adjacent roads the wealthy stride and ride. All this hides in the long shadows of Shanghai’s financial heart.

But in those shadows. Underneath those same dark pinnacles. The real beating heart of the city, the real and too-oft-forgotten China lives out its life.
As a new morning dawns. China comes to life.

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