Are we there yet?

Leaving Fuji marks the end of our time in Japan.

Whilst we’ve barely scratched the surface of what this stunning island nation has to offer – we’d stay just for the food – our wallets are burning a hole in our trousers. And so. It is indeed. Time to leave.

Our final stop was Osaka. From here a ferry to Shanghai. Our next chapter.

But first we had to get to Osaka. With our Japan Rail Pass (cheap rail travel) long since spent we could no longer afford the Shinkansen and so had to resort to many trains and many changes to get away from Fuji. A journey that should take less than 3 hours (via Shinkansen) turned into a 6.5 hour marathon hopping on and off trains.

And, that is how we spent our last day in Japan.

That and some cheap sushi.

Not the most spectacular end but, hey, we’re poor backpackers… Especially in Japan.

An early rise had us scurrying, somewhat frantically, around Osaka getting food and money to pay for the ferry, catching transport, and just about making it to the ferry on time. Good job really as it’s a long way to China!

How long? Just, 48 hours.

And yet, unlike other ferries we have caught on this trip, it was a piece of cake.

The ferry was empty. We had a 4 bed room all to ourselves.
There was food provided. We ate like kings… Eating mediocre food.
There were other westerners. Well, just a few… So we had friends!

Where were we heading exactly? East. Shanghai!
The arrival into Shanghai was something special. More memorable than a simple flight. The ferry took us up the main waterway that flows through Shanghai. The financial district on one side. The infamous Bund on the other.

And all around construction work abounded apace. Small boats plied the waterways. Yells were chorused up and down the banks. And in the distance the city beckoned.

Standing on deck I was transported back to the 1900’s, when the scene must have been just as chaotic, as frantic. Sure time has moved but it seems Shanghai definitely still has that… Alluring… Something.

Well, we’re here. Let’s find out!

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