Discovering Tokyo

Tokyo… Again.

It’s not so bad really. In fact, we like Tokyo. But why were we back? The main reason was to go to one place that had been on our (incredibly arduous) ’to do list’ for years!

Studio Ghibli.

For those of you who know what this is… Skip ahead.

For those who don’t, Studio Ghibli is a Manga production company who has made films such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbour Totoro. There are now almost 20 movies in the collection and most of them the brain child of, or at least overseen by, Hayao Miyazaki. A legend.

Anyway, a ’museum’ was built at the turn of the century to house and display the unique artwork, showcase special movies and basically be a place of discovery.

It can be a challenge to get a ticket, but after much furore and quite a bit of fuss – both in and outside Japan – we had tickets!

We were, to say the least, excited. In fact, because of the only date we could get tickets we were staying a whole extra week in Japan!
So. Could Studio Ghibli live up to this excitement? Could it live up to this hype? We had spoken to a fair few people who had been and they only had amazing things to say about it.

Well. How did we find it?

Actually. I’m not going to tell you. Studio Ghibli is about discovery…

Watch the movies.
Then, if you are enraptured. Go to the museum. Who knows what you will experience and what you will discover?
What else did Tokyo have in store for us?

Well a last minute Airbnb booking came through and we had a tiny studio apartment all to ourselves.

As we were shown to the apartment our host said, ’this house has a special name… Welcome to the Ninja house!’
This was how we came into and left our little abode… Just like a ninja. Apparently.

It was a privilege to have a place to call home for a few nights after many many days on the road. We revelled in it and, I think, gained an insight into living in Tokyo rather than just travelling through it.

And then came the nightlife. Meeting up with an old travel buddy of ours from Thailand (many months ago).

Great nights. So many things happened that I cannot possibly recount them all (and also too much was drunk… So it’s all a bit hazy!)

But I certainly remember the karaoke… I don’t think I’ll be invited back.

And I certainly remember taking some cuts (baseball talk)… I don’t think Joyce will be invited back.
Tokyo. Hope we’ll be back… again.

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