Back on the road

With a wave goodbye, a tear in our eyes, a shuffle of one foot and yet a spring in the other we were back on the road once more. Our – ever too comfortable – temporary home fading into the background behind us; we were leaving Hong Kong.

It was an incredible month long break in a brilliant city, and despite many long lie ins we still found the time and energy to do loads of bits and bobs… and eat way too much.

But China was beckoning.

We were heading back to a life of travel with a bang.

A 30-hour train ride from Shenzhen straight to the old Imperial capital of China, Xian. There is a logical reason for this, but logic is boring, so I’ll say no more.

We were late in booking our tickets, and anyway we had to save those pennies, so we were bedding down in a hard sleeper. A carriage lined with bed after bed, and we were up in the crows nest. The top bunk. Joyce couldn’t even sit up straight, let alone me! Not even close.
And in the aisle there were only two miniature seats to share between 6 people.
It was cosy. It was long. It was noisy. It was smokey. I was the only westerner on the entire train. No joke. But despite of, or maybe because of all this, it felt SO good. Good to be back on the road again. We were off into unknown territory. To discover new things. To meet new people…

And, to confront an army!

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