Killin’ in Kuta

Don’t worry no one’s died. Joyce is here and so am I.

I just mean ‘really good’ (you know, ‘killin it’). Cool kids say it. See. I’m young. Hip! Hmmm. Maybe not!

Anyway. We have just left Kuta, Bali.

Kuta is the sprawling tourist-munching machine that sits on the small peninsula in the south. Above it you have most of Bali – Ubud, Agung (the volcano) and many other sites – and below you have Bingin. A world class surf spot (… We didn’t make it down there as I think the surf would have swallowed me whole and just spat me out).

I was expecting to get to Kuta, hate it, and want to leave. Immediately. We were only going because Joyce wanted to, quote, ‘dance’; something I profess not to excel at! And we were also going to meet with on-and-off travel buddy, Britney… Who we hadn’t seen since Cambodia. This, I was more excited about.

Kuta is really split into three:

1. Kuta: where all the drunk, single, 18 year olds go to meet their opposites, do the horizontal hula, throw up, feel ill. Repeat until leaving Kuta)
2. Legian: where loved up couples go, avoiding Kuta (see above), and chill. We stayed here (aww)
3. Seminyak: where all the classy people go. This is the upmarket, and supposedly more expensive part of Kuta. And, wow, you can spend a lot of money here. But you can find cheap places and we should have stayed here…

… As Joyce said, ‘This. This is where I belong!’. I didn’t say anything.

Seminyak was amazing. Once we had met up with the infamous Britney we hit the clubs, bars and high end restaurants. In one day we went from Potatohead – a super-luxe club with an infinity pool right by the sea…
… To a completely out-of-place, bourgeois, rustic, hippy styled, European-food serving restaurant… Three very nice courses of food for $8.50…
… To a chilled-out, laid-back, surfers bar, just back from the breaks…
… And finally, we ended up in Skygarden. A multi-level club with lots of different music to suit all types, a shisha-lounge roof top and lots and lots of, what do you call them. Douches! As you can tell, I was out of place. But actually had a pretty good time. And Joyce and Britney were… Killin’ it on the dance floor.

But the days suited me better as, over a few afternoons, I worked to perfect my surfing, getting more and more amped and was sad when the days on Kuta’s breaks were over.
The surfing was just right for me. Powerful enough and consistent to get in the practice. I even tried venturing out to the big waves further off shore. Man they got big! A few times I ended up getting churned up by them and spending scary seconds caught in the under tow and gasping for air as I came up. Respect to surfers!

But I caught some pretty big breaks (for me) and managed to ride them left-to-right or vice-versa rather than just straight into shore.

It’s over now. But I’m hoping to get back out and catch some ‘swell swells’ soon. We will see.

And now we are leaving Bali behind. So soon? Yep. There is loads more to do but the same is true for Indonesia and so we have to keep moving.

So. Greetings to the Gilis!

2 responses to “Killin’ in Kuta

  1. Those are the worst rabbit ears I’ve ever seen. You need to improve these instead of your surfing.

    • They are jaunty rabbit ears and ill hear nothing bad said about them! Okay, maybe you’re right… 🙂

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