Streets made of stars

When the trials, tribulations and – of course – trophies from Hoi An’s tailors are behind you what is left of the city?

Easy… It’s heart. The tailors that pervade Hoi An are not the real city, they are just one of the tourist attractions. The soul of the city is in the bricks and mortar of the buildings that seep out an old world charm from their cracks and seams, irrespective of the shops they now house.
The old town is stunning. Sure there are a lot of tourists, and that is a double edge sword – good for the economy, bad for local people – but the old town has managed to retain it’s almost otherworldly beauty.
Hoi An is a place we’ve ambled through, not really achieving a great deal, just soaking in the centuries… And eating incredible food. In fact, I would say book a trip to Hoi An right now so you can enjoy (and understand) what Cau Lao (below) is, as well as a feast of other foods, local and Vietnamese.
And so, as we look to leave Hoi An we will look back fondly on the pottery we made, the lanterns we constructed (and surprisingly didn’t get offered a job on the back of!), the bike rides we took to the beach (apparently one of the top 50 beaches in the world… Well it was pretty nice) and of course the friends we made (Hi everyone).
But most of all it is the walks that we took through this illuminating city that will stay with us. The poetic streets, strewn with lanterns that have remained unchanged for centuries. The landmarks that still exude power from a bygone age. And the river, which each and every night is filled with floating stars, a tapestry that mirrors the dark sky above.
Whilst we are not quite ready to leave this picture-postcard city, we must. More adventure is calling and we must answer that call… So we are not too sad really!

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