Live: Hoi An fashion show

Stand aside London. Stand aside Paris. Stand aside Milan.

A new fashion show, a coruscating catwalk, has revealed itself in Hoi An.

Hoi An is a stunning little town – its architecture and inherent charm has been beautifully preserved despite the influx of tourists and the modern day changes that have occurred around it. But that may all be about to change now it has been visited by two – until now – unknown fashion design geniuses! CFJC (Cliff Fawcett Joyce Chan) may soon be on streets near you!

Some of you may already know that Hoi An is famous as being the ‘best’ place (maybe) and the cheapest (certainly) in South East Asia to get clothes tailored. The reason being that 4 out of every 5 shops is either a tailor, a shoe maker, a cloth seller or some other fashion related retail. As you walk down the street you are in risk of having three new wardrobes made as with each step you are accosted – very nicely – by sweet Vietnamese women wanting to make you clothes. The conversation always has a meandering start, ‘Where are you from? Oh, your girlfriend she look Vietnamese! How long in Hoi An…’, and it always ends the same, ‘Want some clothes made… Cheap cheap.’

So after listening to recommendations from friends, travellers and Hoi An recommendations we ventured into one shop – Nhat Vy (details below) and had a few items made to our exacting designs! And so, without any further ado… The fashion show:

Modelling an elegant boob tube dress in a pastel grey, delicately curved at the bottom, Joyce…
Sporting a new pair of linen, stone coloured (very in this season… properly) shorts and a previously purchased Vietnam-positive t-shirt, Cliff…
And here is Joyce in some envious summer beach wear – a ‘keeps you cool and protects you from the rays’ t-shirt…
And Cliff is changed and back in a more formal attire (ignore the sandals)… Some John Travolta (from Saturday Night Fever) work trousers and crimson silk shirt. (BG, I’ll wear this for the return interview… Hope it passes muster!)
Joyce is now coming down the catwalk in a dress from her ‘smart sunwear’ catalogue. A beautiful orange – the colour of summer and with a skirt bottom that flows effortlessly in the breeze – chiffon you know.
… And with little sandal heels to match. Perfect.
Hope you enjoyed our little fashion show. We look forward to taking your order soon! 😉

Anyway, for anyone who is thinking of visiting Hoi An I would recommend avoiding places like Kimmys, Adong Silk and Yaly. They are big chains and charge big money. Go to local, family run shops where you can get a deal and, we found, really friendly and dedicated service – willing to make many changes without asking for more money. Sure the clothes are made quickly and the neatness of the finish inside could be better. It certainly isn’t to a Western brand’s standard but it is still very good. We are certainly very happy customers.

Nhat Vy, 121 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoi An
Tel: 0510 3862109

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