Cruddy and muddy

Nha Trang. Nha Trang. What can I say about this sprawling coastal town. Not much that is good I’m afraid.

Whilst the town has what is inarguably a beautiful beach it has long since sold its Vietnamese soul – it could be anywhere in the world.
It is noisy with more unsightly hotels and resorts being built, up and down the strip. Western tourists swan up and down the beach, across the streets and in and out of shops. This in itself is only part of the problem; but most of them are fat and refuse to wear shirts (sorry)! I don’t like it and I feel ashamed that this is the image of the western world that it shown to the reserved Vietnamese people.

Also, I am currently under the weather (and probably a little grouchy)… Which may be influencing the writing of this post!

However, there is one jewel – albeit a slightly scuffed and scraped jewel – in the Nha Trang crown. Thap Ba Spa. Joyce and I went for a relaxing afternoon of mud bathing, mineral bathing, swimming and ‘jacuzzing’. A great way to wash away aches and pains and the weary hours of travel that start to cling to you.
And so as we pack away our things once again, ready for a 13 hour trundle up the coast to Hoi An – a UNESCO world heritage site – we bid (a not so fond) farewell to Nha Trang. And cross our fingers for cleaner water up north!

6 responses to “Cruddy and muddy

  1. So true. I found Nha Trang to be at great contrast to the rest of Vietnam. But despite this I did rather enjoy Vinpearl Land via the cable car ride!

    Enjoy Hoi An. Readers of a magazine here in the UK recently voted Hoi An the greatest town/city for tourism.

    • I agree. Nha Trang does not reflect Vietnam at all. I am really looking forward to Hoi An… I’ve loved the rest of Vietnam so here’s to hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

  2. Sounds miserable – my heart bleeds šŸ˜‰

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