Sea, sand and sun. Enough said.

Vietnam destination three – Mui Ne.

A beach resort town, well more like single road strip actually, that is famous for its kite and wind surfing. But the season is over and the town is packed to the rafters with holiday makers of a different sort… The whole country is celebrating its independence from American occupation. Everyone is off work. Prices are up. Places are packed.

All in all, after the passport ordeal (the less said the better!) and knowing the holiday season was in full swing, we didn’t have high hopes about this place. Anyway we needed to recharge the ole batteries again… We’re not getting any younger you know!

So our first day here we did… Well, nothing. But the next day… The next day we were determined to do something. We were going to get up early and ride out to the sand dunes that are also on the ‘Mui Ne to-do list’. So with bike hired and full of gasoline we went to bed – awaiting the 04.30 alarm call (groan!)

But it was not the alarm clock that woke us. It was a horrific thunderstorm. Tossing and turning, unable to sleep, I think, ‘we’ll looks like we will miss sunrise at the dunes then!’. But slowly, the rains abated and the alarm bellowed… ‘TO THE SCOOTER’ (not quite as good as the batmobile I grant you – it didn’t even have a working speedo – but it would make it to the dunes)!

Whistling through the empty streets, with rain puddles the size of tennis courts our only obstacle, we raced against the sun… I think we won!
And then it was on to feeling like a kid again. First, sand boarding, or whatever you call it. Basically a plastic sheet you sit on until you reach the bottom and roll into the sand anyway.
Tick. Success. And no broken limbs… Always a miracle.

Then it was on to the ATV. I wasn’t scared until someone let this one lose on the dunes… Don’t worry motorists she hasn’t got her licence. The roads are still safe… Just stay off the dunes!
And finally, the Fairy stream. A picturesque meander upstream. The river being the path. The colours were stunning, even if there were a few too many revellers standing in the photos at times (but not this one).
All in all it was an awesome day (and we were back by 10am). And so we returned to ‘recharging the batteries’: Resting. Dips in the sea. And eating at an awesome Mexican place (El Latino)… For the second night running.

And tomorrow we leave – yes, with passports in hand – and head to cooler climes. Da Lat. Have at!

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