So long, and thanks for all the fish

As a soft evening breeze flutters in from the Gulf of Thailand my fingers glide across the keyboard, writing our final Cambodian post.

Time is a strange thing. It feels like only yesterday we were bouncing down red sand roads in the back of a pickup, eager to be underway on our Banlung trek – our first footsteps in Cambodia. Simultaneously, the more recently experienced horrors of the genocide seem to have faded into generations past; something experienced decades ago and yet remains etched – sharp focus – in the mind.

And now we are in Kep, Kampot province. In feels more like a village than a town – a small central plaza lined with huts and hammocks looks onto the ocean. Crab shacks line the east and west shores selling delicious and gloriously cheap seafood, plucked fresh from the sea, right before your eyes. We have eaten a LOT seafood.
As well as the incredible ‘fish-food’ it’s been a good couple of days without much activity. We seem to be floating through Kampot province, but to do anything else would disrupt the natural flow of things. We have wandered through the national park, which is littered with buildings abandoned since the Khmer Rouge, casting our eyes down onto the breathtaking views beyond.
We have drifted up and down the promenade, in the search for the next stupendous bite of seafood.
Sure we have eaten well… And not so well. I had my first try of durian and….
… As you can see I am not a fan. Joyce described it best, ‘its like someone has taken onion and garlic, added a lot of sugar, and made a moose’. Think we’ll stick to the mangoes!

And so it is, with a slight longing in our hearts to stay, that tomorrow we leave Cambodia. If you haven’t been to this wonderful country I urge you to come. It is beautiful. A beauty that is only excelled by the kindness of its people who have, over the last century, endured so much and yet ask for so little.

Vietnam. Good morning. You have a lot to live up to… And watch out for!

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