‘Hammock time’

As we approach the end of our time in Laos we find ourselves in the tranquil 4000 islands.

Having stopped off briefly at Champasak to marvel at the incredible Wat Phou (a UNESCO world heritage site and the most evocative Khmer ruins outside Cambodia) and Don Khong (… just because we could) we find ourselves on an island just a few kilometres north of the Cambodia border – Don Det.

And what are we doing here. Nothing!

Today is day 103 of our journey (neither of us can believe this, or that we let day 100 pass without due celebration – although Joyce did point out that every day of travel is a celebration. She has a point). The island itself is beautiful, with incredible sunrises (our bungalow is set over the river on the sunrise side of the island) and sunsets and secluded beaches.

But other than watching the sun, making new friends – and catching up with old ones – we have simply swung in hammocks, ate and read. And that is how we plan to end our time in Laos. And why?

Well, we recently experienced what I am dubbing the ‘3-month-moan’. And it’s not just us. It appears that the 3-month mark, for no rhyme or reason, without precedent or propriety, signals a sudden change in outlook for many travellers. Bus journeys are no more an adventure but an abomination; the heat is no longer glorious but ghastly; moving from place to place a burden not brilliant! And so on…

The remedy? My prescription? A hammock. A beer. And lots and lots of relaxation! Trust me, it cures you in no time… onto Cambodia!


7 responses to “‘Hammock time’

    • Most people travel with laptops or something similar… But wifi hotspots are pretty prolific (if not always reliable). Haven’t met anyone with mobile Internet.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. We are hoping to make it to India… It’s all money and time. Fingers crossed. Anywhere you recommend specifically?

      • Ah tough question since its a big country but if you dont have much time i’d recommend kerala in the south or someplace up north closer to the mountains (himachal pradesh or leh, and kashmir which is gorgeous but possibly a bit risky!)

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