Briefly into Bangkok

We finally managed to pull ourselves away from Koh Tao, but it wasn’t without difficulty… Diving was too much fun, the people were great and the way of life, too easy.

Quite a different story to where we were headed next. Bangkok.

Arriving in Bangkok we were dropped off in Khao San road, which as anyone whose been will know is an assault on the senses. We decided to find somewhere else to stay. But whilst its a bit of shock arriving in Bangkok (I think it would be the same no matter which part of Thailand you came from) the city is a lot of fun. And we’ve not even scratched the surface.

We’ve done the touristy things – the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Khao San road; the cultural thing – the Museum of Siam; and we’ve explored the inky black khlongs (canals) and the vibrant back streets of Chinatown and neighbouring flower market – which are both beautiful and boisterous in equal measure. Each has shown us a unique side of Bangkok, and a vital one in creating such an eclectic place.

However, it’s not all been fun and games and we’ve fallen for our first (and hopefully last) scam – paying double the price to see the khlongs… The scam artists really do have their spiel worked out, they’re clever tricksters and you need to be tuned in to their game! Which I think we are now…

…But we have already left. We are in Kanchanaburi, home to the Death Railway. But we will return and are intending to be in Bangkok for Chinese New Year. So for anyone whose in Bangkok around the 10th February, let us know and see you in the frenzy!

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