Under the sea

“So wait… We’re going under the sea!”

So, when I last wrote we were heading to Koh Tao. And now, as I write… We are still on Koh Tao! What can I say, ‘diving is fun’ (said in a German, kind of staccato accent, as one of the Crystal Dive Instructors says… about 400 times a day).

So, as our twitter and Facebook followers will know we are now Advanced Open Water Divers *Yeah*. We blasted through the Open Water course, with fellow students Shawn and Tom (hey guys) and all decided to stay on to do our Advanced Open Water. So we can now dive down to 30m, at night, and have also experienced circling a wreck. All have been mind blowing experiences. So a huge thank you to Cole, our patient and awesome instructor… Even when certain students (me) drop their weight belt on their first open water dive! Oops.

The students and instructor – Tom, Shawn, Joyce, Me and our instructor Cole

So, you’d probably think going from zero dives to nine dives in 4 days would be enough for newbies. But diving is a drug… So we are staying on. Tomorrow we do our Nitrox course (breathing with enriched air, so we should be able to stay down even longer). And I can’t promise that we’ll stop there… We might do our wreck specialty so we can actually get inside the world war 2 wreck sitting off the coast of Koh Tao.

So, apologies to my wallet (diving is expensive… and fun) and to the island of Koh Tao – we have only see about 1 square metre of the island as we’ve spent much too long underwater. *Jokes*

Obligatory sunset picture!

2 responses to “Under the sea

  1. [Looking at the first photo] A word of warning Cliff – whatever you do don’t press the red button… That’s the one that sets off the bomb you’ve got strapped to your back…! Now get back out there any enjoy

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