An adventure of 2 halves

So after a short side trip into the jungle we find ourselves back on the islands… This time in the Gulf Coast rather than the Andaman sea. I am writing this sitting on a deck chair, listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore as a refreshing evening breeze swirls around. Sorry, just setting the scene! 😉

So the last few days have been quite adventurous… Firstly I ended up playing in a local Thai football game, and it was pretty professional. The owner of our bungalow roped me in saying it was just a kickaround… And then me and 3 other unsuspecting guests get thrown into a semi pro game. We got given proper jerseys (which I still have), pushed onto the pitch (where a line up took place and the Thai national anthem played) and then the refs indicated kick off. Well, I can gladly report we scraped a 1-1 draw with our opponents, despite a pre match drink of Chang beer. The game was followed by all the players and spectators (about 200) eating and drinking local food together, singing, dancing and karaoke… We sang the only English song they had – Hotel California! (Photos to hopefully follow from Dutch friends we met)

After this, the adventure we had planned seemed pretty tame. We went to Khao Sok national park, which contains the Ratchaprapa Dam – flooded in 1982 it created over 100 islands. it is reminiscent of Guilin. Here, we stayed on floating huts (cover image), went on a morning and night safari and had a trek to a viewpoint on one of the islands. The scenery was stunning and our guide Ed (pictured) and our small group of intrepid adventurers excellent.

Furthermore, and best of all, we went caving. Battling bats and many species of spiders, scrambling over rocks, down waterfalls and swimming through icy cold water to make it back out into the jungle, alive. It was excellent and can’t wait to experience more caving…

And now we are on Koh Samui. A short stop over before we head north to Koh Tao to (try to) become divers. Wish us luck.

2 responses to “An adventure of 2 halves

  1. Loving the blog Cliff. Good luck with your diving, maybe one day we can hit the water together! Have a great time, your adventures are making for inspirational reading!

    • Cheers matey and glad to hear you’re enjoying my scribbles. I learnt from the best – read all your posts to date and can’t wait to hear the next part of your adventure. Hope to see you and Cor soon… on rock, under the sea or perhaps just at the bar. C 🙂

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