The one month milestone

Sorry for lack of communication over the past week or so – we have been in Tonsai, which has no power until 6pm (when the generators kick in) and I don’t think there was any wifi anyway!

Since Lanta we have travelled around the other islands in the Andaman sea – Phi Phi, which was a bit like being surrounded by people on spring break. It was a lot of fun and we ended up nick naming it Paraffin Phi Phi as the smell permeated the night air every evening. The fire shows were amazing and even allowed audience participation… as you can see:

After Phi Phi we shot across to Phuket – it reminded us a lot of Malacca and Georgetown because of the sino-colonial influences from the Chinese immigrants who moved there. We didn’t do too much – we ate well and took some very interesting motorbike rides… Did you know you can fit 2 massive rucksacks and 2 passengers (as well as the driver obviously) onto one scooter… Maybe not again any time soon!

And then it was on to Tonsai… Wow what an amazing place. We were both sad to leave this morning. I had my first experience of deep water soloing (jumping from 13 meters into the ocean after a climb is certainly a good was to refresh yourself)! Joyce also climbed outside for the first time and made it up to 24 meters. There was also much, much more climbing done by me…

… as well as a trek to ‘the lagoon’, yoga and a last minute decision to watch Muay Thai… Brutal! But really it was the people that made it, so a huge thanks to everyone we met – enjoy the rest of your trips and hopefully see you again soon (… Here’s the Crew who we trekked to the lagoon with)

And on top of this we hit our ‘one-month-on-the-road-anniversary’ and it got us thinking, has it been what we expected? The short answer is yes. It seems like we had a good idea what we were getting ourselves in for (phew). Of course we’ve learnt, and will continue to learn, how to do things (or just do things better) but the travelling life is very easy to fall in love with. The constant change is great and it is hard to believe at some point it might stop and we will be back in one place (but we are not dwelling on that).

Anyway whilst we may still be on the road to becoming fully fledged travellers we’re certainly not on holiday anymore!

4 responses to “The one month milestone

  1. Love the image of you and the fire jugglers; you look very
    cool and calm (or perhaps Stop thinking about when you’re going to
    stop and enjoy being on the move. Pretty soon you’ll stop knowing
    what day it is, how long you’ve been away and where on earth you
    are! I’m flying off to Nigeria tomorrow, not sure ‘excited’ is the
    right word, but certainly going to be interested in what i find
    there. I’ve got the Flip too so will see if i can get some
    interesting stuff. Now carry on enjoying yourself, eating well and
    clambering up the wrong side of mountains! Best, T Tom Ellis
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  2. With all due respect, it doesn’t look as if you’re doing much “audience participation” within the fire show, Cliff!

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