A new year, a new country

Hello once again. Since we last spoke we have crossed the border into Thailand (with only some minor issues which hopefully won’t cause problems when we need to leave! Eek).

We spent some great nights in Krabi drinking, sea kayaking and visiting the Tiger temple – you have to climb over 1200 steps, some of which are more like scaling a wall then a step but the views are truly staggering. We’ve also managed to continue the trend of eating amazing food – the best of which has been quail eggs… I know it sounds strange but they were SO good we even went back for seconds.

And the last 3 nights we’ve spent on Lanta have been the perfect way to end 2012 and see in 2013. We’ve been cooking Thai food, struggling through hours of massages (it’s been tough) and survived to tell the tale from our first Asian scooter adventure, as you can see…

Me and my ‘hog’

We saw the new year in on the beach amidst many revellers, fireworks and lanterns. We set off 3 of our own lanterns into the night sky and enjoyed watching the sky come to life up and down the beach.

New Year’s Eve on long beach – full of life

But perhaps the most poignant and enjoyable experience on Lanta was visiting the Animal Welfare Shelter. This organisation was set up by the owner of Time For Lime (the cooking class we went to) as she was horrified by the way strays and other animals were treated on the island. So AWS was set up to care and rehabilitate injured animals. It was terrifying to see how cruel people can be… Such as pouring hot oil over one dog called sky… but at the same time uplifting to see so many volunteers helping to get these animals back to health. AWS Receives no funding and relies on donations and volunteers. We donated (and are already thinking how we can get back to Lanta to volunteer later in our trip) as well as taking some of the dogs off their hands for an hour… It wasn’t too much of a chore really although I quickly came to understand why my dog was called Rocket – as soon as he saw a crab he was off like one… And me with him!

4 people and their dogs – me and Rocket, Joyce and Dok Dek, and a great couple we met with their chosen hounds

Koh Lanta is an amazing island. If you are in thailand I recommend you come and explore it yourself. And if you can, visit AWS and help out in any way you can. Speaking from experience any help is really appreciated and goes a long way… And they have puppies


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