A food lovers paradise

So our Christmas was spent on the North West island of Penang, in Georgetown – named after King George III, in a period when Malaysia was trying to improve trade with Britain.

The colonial architecture paints a picture of a bygone era and the people – the mix of so many cultures and traditions in such a small space – creates an energy and vibrancy that the rest of Malaysia can only reflect.

And at the beating heart of Penang – the food. Wow!

If you call yourself a food lover then this is one of those ‘must visit places before you die’. The food is so enthralling because of the mix of cultures and traditions – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, etc etc etc. The foodstuffs either reflect the original article from the country or have been combined, tweaked and refined to steal some of the ingredients, principles and techniques from other cultures.

It is a great example of what Kirby Ferguson calls ‘Remix’ – http://www.everythingisaremix.info/ – copy something, transform (change) it, and combine it with something else… And I for one am all for it.

However, I am glad to be moving on, otherwise I would need a whole new wardrobe as my current one might not fit me much longer! 🙂

Here’s a selection of some of the mouth watering treats we’ve had since being in George Town… Hope you’ll get here soon to try them for yourself.

Hokkein Mee

Cheung Fun

Fried Oyster

Fried Mango Ice (with nuts and dried stem ginger)

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