One step forward. One step sideways

So after we left KL we went to Kuala Selengor (one of only two places in the world were you can see a huge population of fireflies). It was unbelievably magical, and when a call to prayer started as well it was also incredibly spiritual.

After that we went to Palau Pangkor – an island just off the west coast. Whist it felt a little over polluted – by the locals as well as the tourists – it was still an incredibly beautiful island, and a nice break from cities and towns. It was in getting here that we had quite an adventure.

To get to the island we had to take 3 buses, a taxi, a ferry and 2 local minibus to get to a hotel (which we didn’t have booked). Over the course of this journey, we missed one bus, had to run frantically to another, got off another one too early (hence the taxi), got dropped off at the wrong place (by the taxi) and had to walk to the ferry and then… The local mini bus’s engine didn’t worked. They tried to fix it with a hammer, at which point sparks started flying through the cabin… We said we’d get another one (hence the 2 local minibus!). Oh, and when we got off we bumped into some Czech guys who were looking for accommodation and they told us everywhere they had tried had been fully booked… We settled on the first place we could find! 🙂

Anyway, it got me thinking… I knew travelling would throw up its own hurdles and I thought that meant, at times, it would be two steps forward, one step back. But actually it’s more ‘one step forwards, one step sideways’.

It happens quite a lot. With nothing planned and with decisions made on the fly or without much time to weigh up options fully things are not straightforward… But they’re always interesting, and it means you’re always learning! And when this is the result, you can’t really complain…


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