A vision of the future

Sorry for the delayed posting. We’ve been stuck in places that have had no Internet (or woefully bad Internet… So basically the same).

We have now left KL and been to kuala selengor and Palau Pangkor – both of which have been fantastic, if a little bit odd and an adventure at the same time – I’ll come on to this in another post.

KL as a city is frantic – whilst similarities with Singapore exist the differences, and the fact that it is still becoming the city it wants to be, are much more prominent. The little I know of the history, the prime minister between 1981 and 2003, Mahathir Mohammad, set out a vision for KL to be a city of the future. Whilst this is evident in things like the Petronas Twin Towers, there are many more contradictions to this vision.

This materialised to us with how hard it is to shift behaviour even if you want to shift culture. We knew spitting was ingrained in Asian culture – we have already seen it a lot. However, we weren’t expecting to see this behaviour in one of the most prestigious shopping centres in KL – Times Square – but we did. A women at a table across from us in the food court spat about 15 times. More surprising – she knew she shouldn’t. With every spit she empty a bit of her drink onto the floor to cover the mess. It was amazing. By the end she had hardly touched her drink, and there was a puddle on the floor that could have drowned a small child! A great example of how changing habit is hard.

We really enjoyed KL. We met some great people and did some great things – The Towers, the park, shopping, Chinatown, little India, going into the National Mosque etc. But, whilst KL might be a city of the future, our experience is that not everyone is necessarily in step.

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