Musings on Malacca

So just a brief post to update all you lovely guys and gals.

Joyce and I are now in the chaotic and colourful city of Kuala Lumpur after a great couple of days in Malacca. Malacca was a little gem – after an initial culture shock arriving from Singapore. If you’re ever there I suggest you make sure you stay at Ringos Foyer. Howard, who runs the place, is a legend, knows everybody by name and makes sure everybody gets to know each other.

The second night he took 10-12 of us out on bikes to a local market on the outskirts of town, the food was cheap (I think about £1 for a delicious bowl of… Stuff :s) and delicious… as was the freshly squeezed watermelon juice. Unfortunately I left this too close to Joyce so didn’t get too much!

The other highlight of Malacca was a tea house on Jalan Kampang Kuli (sorry can’t remember the name). This place was run by Pak and her family. We walked in on a whim and didn’t leave for 4 hours. We did a ‘tea appreciation’ where we learnt about Pu’erh, oolong, jasmine, white, black and red teas. Then when the heavens fortuitously opened we were forced to stay for dinner – home cooked Kung po chicken and minced pork with rice. Maybe the best meal so far. Maybe.

And now KL, much to see and do – we have already filled our bellies with the goodies of Chinatown – and we have no idea what tomorrow will hold. Wish us luck.


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