The balance of Singapore

Hi – the couple without a compass here again.

So we’ve made it to Malacca after a great time in Singapore (bar a run in with a crab that kicked us both in the stomach the day after… If you catch my drift) but at the time it was excellent.

The bus from Singapore to Malacca threw up some hurdles – disappearing after letting us off for a food stop. Turns out he was just getting fuel, but when you, your girlfriend and a Singaporean you’ve met think he has abandoned you, it does nothing to settle the nerves! But alls well that ends well and we made it here, but more on Malacca later, for now back to Singapore.

20121211-104053.jpg Merlion looking out over Marina bay, whilst a ‘traditional-looking’ boat is surrounded by modernity

Whilst we felt more like tourists than travellers we covered Singapore well – it reminded us both of Hong Kong in many ways so was not a completely unfamiliar experience. We saw little India, Chinatown, Arab street (and if you go you must visit Zam Zam – a very fine Mutton biryani) and the tourist hotspots of marina bay etc. and of course the Night safari (another must see).

But how would I sum up Singapore? To me it was a city in perfect harmony…

20121211-104137.jpg Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple overlooked by new build skyrises

There is so much going on in Singapore – so many divergent and different lives – yet it feels in balance and not a city pulling in different directions, just leaning on each other, supporting each other. Without one element the city would cease to be in harmony.

There is the touristy, glitzy side which clearly puts Singapore on the map as a 21st century metropolis. And this cohabits with the city’s eating hearts – Chinatown, Arab street, little India, hawker markets…

The cacophony of flavours and tastes from around the world blend and fuse – either on a single plate or just one next to the other. None fight for dominance or superiority…

And the people – businessmen, labourers, Hindus, Buddhists, travellers and all other walks of life appear to co-exist naturally, freely and openly…

Nothing contradicts or clashes, it just works, seamlessly.

As you can see we loved our time and could easily have stayed. But more to do, see, experience and I guess better to be wanting more than overstaying our welcome.

Till next time…

Oh and here’s the Singapore chilli crab looking delicious…


Above is just a few shots of our exploits but go to our Flickr page to see more. Apologies for the heavily tourist nature of them, I’ll get better, promise!

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