A good start

So jetlag has had me up from about 2am this morning. Having tossed and turned with sleep continuing to elude me I thought I might as well tell you about our first night in Singapore.

We already feel settled and at home, although we haven’t even been here 12 hours.

Last night we wandered around Little India, walked past our first (of many) temples of the trip, which also happened to be some of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore and staggeringly beautiful. We finally settled on somewhere to eat – Lavender food centre.

We stumbled across this place earlier in the day (when we had got a little lost). We decided to turn that mistake into good fortune, so we returned. The food market was bustling with local Singaporeans and every way you looked amazing food beckoned… so what to go for?

Joyce settled on a place called Bugis Street Ngak Seah Beef Kway Teow and I quickly followed suit. It was a good choice. Simple bowls of thin beef strips, freshly cooked noodles, Chinese herb and beef stock. A combination full of flavour. Yet it was less a bowl of food, more a bowl full of experience, culture and craftsmanship. The care and attention that went into every bowl is something western fast food could learn from (… We saw quite a few bowls prepared – the queue was large, but certainly worth the wait)

I know it is the first of many hawker centres we’ll visit and I’m already looking forward to our next one… And also hoping we go back to Lavender before we leave Singapore. We’ll see.

Also, apologies for lack of pictures – forgot the camera – something that won’t happen again!

4 responses to “A good start

      • God.. if you need more info, you can ask me. I have not toured around my country yet but i’ve started som etravelling too.

      • That’s great. Will definitely be in touch if we need some info. Enjoy your future travels.

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