A change in outlook

Planned. Check.

Packed. Check.

Panicing (…a bit). Check.

So far I’ve been calm about the trip. Leaving my job. My flat in London. My friends and family to go traveling round Asia. It’s all felt so unreal. But over the last few days and nights some ‘panic’ has started as realisation starts to take hold.

I’ve asked myself the question ‘why am I doing this?’ again, but that answer isn’t hard to find. I want to experience different cultures, I want to see more of the world, broaden my horizons and perspectives. I want to challenge the Western path of ‘success’. I want to climb in amazing places (warning to those that don’t know me I’m an avid rock climber!). I want to meet great people.

I think the ‘panic’ is simply rooted in the enormity of the unknown, the uncertainty. Whilst there is uncertainty for everyone, everywhere in everyday life, for me, this trip is tipping the balance completely… Almost everything will be uncertain.

So I’ve decided I’m just going to think about it differently. I’m going to think like a kid. Kids create uncertainty everyday – they just call it a game.

So, from now on the game is adventure, my play pen is Asia and the rules… well, they are up to me to define.

2 responses to “A change in outlook

  1. You do exactly the right thing. There are no rules and never have been on how to live life. Enjoy your freedom on the road. All the best for you two!

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