The Packdown!

As time counts down to departure it has come to a critical moment… Will the goodies I want to take, fit into the (somewhat conservatively sized) bag. Will the equation actually balance?

Well today seemed like the perfect time to attempt the maths (I hope it’s improved since school). Here’s the result… in pictures:

At the beginning there was a lot of stuff on a bed…

A quick glance at the bag it all had to fit into *gulp* …

Some organisation…


And the end result – a happy man with a bag weighing in at a mere 10kg. And there’s even room to squeeze in an after dinner mint!

7 responses to “The Packdown!

  1. Impressive! I whittled my pack down to 11.6kg when I went to South America… but that didn’t include the almost 5kg hand luggage I had – laptops, DSLR, etc… electronics need to be lighter!

    • Wow. I’ve left most of my climbing kit at home – going to rent (or beg people we meet)… Definitely going to be climbing throughout the trip. And can’t wait to finally get my PADI and be diving as well.

      • Good luck on your travels. You’re doing what I hope to do one day 🙂 I’ve just started diving too! Planning to get my PADI, ideally in a warmer clime…Look forward to more exciting updates!

      • Thanks Rebecca and good luck with your PADI and future travels. Hopefully see you on the road… Or back at West One when / if we return! 🙂

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