Losing my blogging virginity!

I’m writing this in my empty living room, one day after I’ve finished work (… that’s right I am now officially unemployed!) preparing to leave my house. It dawned on me that this was as good as time as any to write this blog’s first post.

So, what’s this blog going to be about? I’m going to be honest. I don’t know exactly. Yet!

What I can say is that this blog will TRY to share our journey around Asia, our adventure and how we experience it. There will no doubt be smiles, frowns, laughter, tears, excitement and maybe just a bit of humdrum now and again. And if you feel the seeds of jealously stirring whilst you read it, I hope it will spur you on to your own adventure… and hey, maybe we’ll see you on the road somewhere.

So for old friends, new friends and those we’ve not yet met, welcome and hope you enjoy it… stick with us, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

And finally, I was once told if you can’t think of something profound to say, let someone else say it instead. So as someone once said (and I don’t know who):

“Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.”

Happy days!

4 responses to “Losing my blogging virginity!

  1. This is exactly the situation me and my girlfriend were in back in May. I miss the nervous excitement of those last few days before departing…
    Looking forward to following your blog, and hope you can check mine out too! Enjoy your trip, it’s going to be amazing I’m sure!

    • Hi Carl, You’ve claimed this blog’s first comment. Thanks. ‘Nervous excitement’ is exactly right… I can tell you’ve been through it yourself. Following you – look forward to hearing about your travels, and hope I can provide some entertainment as well. See you out there. C

  2. Goodluck! I adore your courage to leave your comfort zones behind and try on new adventures in Life. I will definitely follow your blog.

    • Thanks for the goodluck wishes and for following. We’ll try to bring to life, and relay, the experience as well as possible

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